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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to give answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us today.

A public adjuster handles insurance claims and advocates exclusively for the policyholder during the process of appraising and negotiating a claim. A public adjuster’s expertise and ability to interpret ambiguous insurance policies increases the odds that property owners will receive the maximum compensation when they file a claim. Public adjusters prepare cost estimates and interpret insurance policies to determine covered and uncovered items and to negotiate with the carrier for a fair settlement.

Typically, the policyholder pays the public adjuster a percentage of the final settlement. Because a public adjuster has a fiduciary duty to the policyholder, your best interest is our ONLY interest. So, we work hard to get the policy holder the largest settlement possible. On average, policyholders who hire a public adjuster get up to 750% more in payout than those policyholders who don’t hire one. Some policyholders may view it as counterintuitive to pay a third-party when trying to get insurance compensation for damages. But the chances of getting more money and being treated fairly by your insurance company go up a lot when working with a public adjuster. Because they know they are dealing with professionals who are advocating on your behalf.

Insurance companies have their own adjusters working on their behalf. They look out for the insurance company interests only. So you are at a disadvantage if you deal with the insurance company adjuster alone, because they do this all day, everyday. They are more knowledgeable about the claims process than the public. A public adjuster levels the playing field for you. We work exclusively for you, the policy holder, and your best interests are our ONLY interest.

At ReAdjusted, we can handle a variety of property damage claims for you. We can assist you with insurance claims related to:

-Water Damage
-Roof Damage
-Pipe Burst
-Plumbing Leaks

In addition, our area of expertise include handling Residential claims, Commercial claims, Condo claims, and HOA claims.

Imagine for a moment, you’re facing a lawsuit and you decide to represent yourself in court. Is it possible to do it? Yes. Is it advisable? No! Same thing with your insurance claim. You can file your insurance claim on your own, but the other side, the insurance company, they always have their own insurance adjusters and an expert team to advocate for their interests only & to make sure they come out on top. The average policyholder, on the other hand, who represents themselves is at a massive disadvantage because they don’t possess the knowledge, expertise & resources to handle the complex insurance claims process. Therefore, as a policyholder, you deserve someone who will protect your interests and advocate for you ONLY. Someone who can match and even exceed their expertise, resources, and knowledge to get you the maximum and fair settlement that you deserve as per your policy coverage.

As public adjusters, we do everything we can to ensure that policyholders who work with us, receive a fair settlement as quickly as possible. Now, because of negotiations on your behalf, when working with a public adjuster, it might take longer to get you the fair settlement you deserve as per your policy. Because we go back and forth with your insurance carrier to get you the desired settlement result. Insurance companies typically want to settle for far less than you are entitled to. We fight and work hard for you to make sure they don’t do that.

No, as a matter of fact, its not too late to hire a public adjuster for an open claim, or a claim that you have already received a settlement offer from your insurance carrier. Far from it! What you should do is have a public adjuster look at what your insurance company has offered you. Usually, it’s far below what you need to bring you back to pre-loss condition. They want to settle for as little as possible. Hiring a public adjuster even at this stage in the process, can help you get the maximum amount you should get.

No, you won’t lose your insurance coverage when you hire a public adjuster. Hiring a public adjuster is absolutely legal and the recommended thing to do. Insurance companies themselves, know that policyholders are entitled to hire their own adjuster. It’s not something they like to see happen because they know when a policyholder works with their own public adjuster, they will end up paying more to settle your insurance claim than they wanted to. Which is good for you, the policyholder. That’s why they don’t like it. But they cannot stop you or try to punish you by dropping your coverage or increasing your rates. They are not allowed to do that.

The difference is a public adjuster works exclusively to represent and advocate for the interests of the policyholder ONLY.

The insurance company’s adjuster works for and advocates for the interests of the Insurance company. They are employed by the insurance company to look out for the company’s bottomline. That’s the primary difference.

Otherwise, they all do the same thing. It’s just which side do they represent in the insurance claims process. In addition, as public adjusters, we have a fiduciary duty to the policyholder. That means we can ONLY work for your interests. Not the insurance company’s.

Now, an insurance company’s adjuster might seem as if they are in your corner when dealing with you, the policyholder. But that’s not the case. Remember, they are employed by your insurance carrier to look out for their interests only.

A public adjuster’s job is to look out for you the policyholder ONLY.