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Chad Milan - ReAdjusted

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With our knowledge and expertise, coupled with our many years of experience in construction and restoration, we are uniquely qualified to handle your insurance claim for you.

Insurance companies have their own adjusters to handle your claim. We are the only ones who exclusively ADVOCATE for you and your interests ONLY when dealing with insurance companies.

Chad Milan

Founder | ReAdjusted

What We’re Offering


As the saying goes "no place like home." Residential claims can be very stressful for your family. We can help you get a maximum settlement so that you can make your house feel like home again.


Whether it's an office building, factory, warehouse, restaurant, hospital, retail store, or place of business, we can help you maximize your commercial insurance claim & get back to pre-loss condition.


Condominium insurance claims can be complex because when one owner suffers a loss, others can be affected as well. We can help individual condo owners or the HOAs recover money for sustained losses.



When it comes to insurance claims involving HOAs, things can get complicated especially when dealing with multi-building claims, with each affected owner having different needs. We can handle this for you.